What is License to Move?

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License to Move is a new initiative that encourages those attending either Licensing Expo 2023 or Brand Licensing Europe 2023 to pledge an activity during the show, raising money for the all-important charity The Light Fund. There is also an option to participate on-own by scheduling walks at your own leisure. Whether you want to take a lunch break from work, spend time away from the show and walk to get some fresh air, or you want to count the steps you do whilst on the show floor, we have made it easy for anyone to take part.

When is License to Move?

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License to Move will take place during:

Licensing Expo, 13th – 15th
June 2023

Brand Licensing Europe, 4th – 6th
October 2023

At your own leisure throughout the year from May, 2023-December 31, 2023

How do I register to take part in License to Move?

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What are our goals for 2023?

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License to Move aims to get individuals to commit to run, walk, cycle or any other type of activity a minimum of 5 miles/kms and donate to charity to achieve an overall goal of 5,217 mi distance, which maps the journey from Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas to ExCeL in London.

This year we want as many people to get involved with License to Move as possible. However much you pledge, your efforts will be benefitting those who need our support

How much should I pledge?

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No matter how far you choose to run, walk or cycle, any distance helps to generate support for The Light Fund.

Perhaps you could pledge to run a 5K before one of the show days. Or if running isn't your speed, take a walk around Las Vegas or London. If you prefer the water, swimming works too! Select what you feel comfortable with.

How do I cancel or amend my registration?

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By logging into this website, you will be able to amend your registration.

Can I take part remotely?

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Everyone can take part in License to Move, whether you attend a show or not. Across the year you can pledge any amount of activity at a time convenient to you. Just log your activity through our platform.

Can I make more than one pledge?

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We want to encourage everyone to pledge at last one activity but understand how busy show days can be. If you can’t make time during one of the events or find it easier to exercise at home, then do what is best for you. There is nothing stopping you from pledging more than once.

Do I have to take time off to make a pledge?

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No. You can now link a smart fitness device, such as a Fitbit, to your account and use the steps you walk during the show as a pledge.

Can friends, family and pets join me on License to Move?

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Children and pets are not allowed to attend either Licensing Expo or Brand Licensing Europe. However, if you were completing an activity outside of the show there are no limits on who can get involved.

Can clients and other business partners join me on License to Move?

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Yes, we are actively encouraging building our networks through License to Move.

How does License to Move fit in with our Sustainability Program more widely?

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See www.informa.com/sustainability for more information and to read our sustainability reports.

Which charity is License to Move supporting?

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License to Move is supporting The Light Fund, a registered charity which raises money to fund worthwhile charity projects that help children, women and men. The charity was created by a group of likeminded individuals from the UK licensing industry who wanted to create a committee to help those less fortunate than themselves.

How can I donate?

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You can donate directly through our website. All proceeds raised because of License to Move will be donated directly to The Light Fund.

Can I fundraise for my own charity?

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We are sorry but License to Move is working exclusively with The Light Fund. The foundation works with multiple charities and raises money for lots of different causes. You can find out more information here.

How do I start fundraising?

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We want to encourage all those involved in the Licensing industry to be a part of License to Move. Whether you are a brand owner, retailer, manufacture or new to licensing there is plenty of ways to be involved. Make a pledge, complete the movement, click to donate. It couldn’t be simpler!

How do I join a team?
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There are two ways to join a team. 

When clicking on Get Involved, you'll be asked to select an event. After you have selected your event, you'll be given the option to join a team or as an individual. Clicking on team here will enable you to create your team and you'll be supplied with a link to invite others. 

If you chose to register as an individual, once you have completed the registraiton flow click on your dashboard, and you'll be presented with an option to create a team.

Watch the video below on how to register

Watch the video below on how to add a fitness device

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